Woodworking Power Tools for the Crafty Woodworker

As a woodworker, you have probably already invested in some basic tools so you could start working on some wood carvings, joineries, and some simple cabinetry work. These basic tools would include hammers, chisels, hand saws, clamps, workbenches, and others. Perhaps you were successful in your early endeavors, probably selling a few pieces here and there, which is why you feel ready to move on to bigger and greater things. If that’s the case, congratulations! You’re one step closer to your goals.

You have made it far, and doubtless, you’re just like thousands of woodworkers before you who initially took baby steps but eventually took a giant leap towards their ultimate goal – building more sophisticated wood crafts. Who knows, you just might be the next best thing to happen to woodworking. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big. In fact, many woodworkers dream of building a whole shop full of every tool and machine that the hobby requires. However, looking at rose-tinted glasses aside, being a successful woodworker means spending a small fortune on the tools you’ll need.

Indeed, aside from the basic hand tools, it will just be important to start with seven inexpensive power woodwork tools that are enough to start and complete many projects. These are: hand planer, circular saw, jigsaw, table saw, compound miter saw, power drill, random orbital sander, and router.

A hand planer, particularly an electric one, is important for shaping the wood you’re working on. You can use the plane to flatten or smooth out the rough surface of a piece of wood or timber. You could browse the Internet for electric hand planer reviews to guide you when purchasing one.

Saws are important in woodworking and there are several types, having different uses. The most versatile is a circular saw that especially useful in cutting sheet woods such as plywood and medium-density fiberboard.

A jigsaw or sabre saw is practical and accurate when working on stock with curved and circular patterns. When choosing, pick an orbital-action corded jigsaw that has an easy blade changing system that suits your grip.

The table is usually the first major power tool that is contemplated, being the centerpiece around which the other tools are organized and used. This means going for the best that your budget can manage to pay for.

The next major power tool to consider is the compound miter saw that is most useful when making compound angles such as beveled, mitered and combination cuts on the ends of a stock of wood.

Meanwhile, a cordless drill is both cheap and versatile which is why it is commonly preferred over portable cordless drills. There are many options available and learning all of these is important to make a guided purchase.

For a beautiful and fine finish that makes a woodwork professionally done is a random orbital sander. Make sure that sanding disks are available to make it more functional and attain the fine finish you want.

With advancement in woodwork, efficiency is generally aimed for to improve the quality of woodwork products, to make the tasks easier, and to enhance precision as well as safety. Aside from these and all the hand and power woodworking tools, modern wood shops can’t also do without woodworking machines and woodturning lathe; woodworking jigs and accessories complete the picture.


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