Why Use a Dog DNA Test Kit?

Do you ever wonder what your mutt’s breed is?

Dogs with mixed breeds take on the characteristics of both sides of the parents. Hence, a dog can be intelligent, active but small. Most of all, it can inherit the genes that carry the risk for diseases from both sides of parentage. Thus, if you want to have a dog coming from the best pedigree or a one of a kind puppy, use a dog DNA test kit.

When you go to a vet or the animal shelter, they often run a dog DNA test to identify the dog’s breed. You can also run a dog DNA test without going to an animal clinic. All you have to do is purchase a dog DNA test kit.

Purchasing a DNA test kit for the dog has several benefits. The purpose of a DNA test kit is not just to know your pet’s origin. There is more to this item. Scroll down to learn the different reasons why you must invest a dog DNA test kit and check it out.

Breed Pups with Traits you prefer

Every person has their own preferences when it comes to dogs. Some love teacup sized dogs with a fluffy coat, whereas, there are individuals who would rather pick large and active dogs that are efficient in security. Using a dog DNA test kit will help you to maximize the traits you like to have in a dog.  There is a dog DNA test kit that provides accurate information regarding a dog’s genetic makeup such as the Embark Dog DNA test kit. This item supports in identifying the significant features of a dog such as breed specifics, ancestry, health risks and many more.

Impede Dog Health Risks

There are dog breeds that share similarities in health risks. For instance, Retrievers, Cocker Spaniel, Dalmatian and Lhasa Apso have a high risk of developing food allergies. Thus, mixing two breeds which are both vulnerable to a particular condition increases the chances of the disease’s development in the offspring. DNA kits like the Embark Dog DNA test help you to avoid these circumstances. One of the primary features of a dog DNA test kit is to check dog health risks. Thus, you can avoid breeding dogs that are prone to similar conditions like a food allergy, joint problems, and progressive retinal atrophy.

Unravelling Dog Ancestry 

If you have just adopted a mutt, chances are you might not know the exact origin of the dog. Your new pet might look like a particular breed; however, there is more to his lineage. The leading DNA test kits in the market namely, Embark Dog DNA test, Mars Wisdom and DNA My Dog Test can identify the physical traits and family tree of your pet. These DNA test kit for dogs can unravel up to third generation history of your dog. Thus, use one of these items to reveal the secrets of your dog.

Dog DNA test kits are useful, especially when it comes to breeding selection. If you are planning to purchase this item in the future, make sure to buy the best one in the market with the help of this source.

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