When Buying a Replacement Car Battery

Everyone knows that a car needs a good battery in order to run without much issue. But for a person who doesn’t have any clue about car batteries and how to pick the right one, it’s going to be a rather frustrating experience once their car needs to have the batteries replaced. Fortunately, there are websites that has battery reviews and guides to peruse. Some of the most reputable sites, ones that car owners actually visit time and again, have the latest update of this massive guide on batteries. This is important because car batteries have to be bought while taking manufacturing date into consideration. There are also other considerations when picking one. Here are some helpful things to take note of when getting a new car battery.

  1. Battery manufacturing freshness.

Yes, just like fruits and vegetables for the body, the car needs a battery that’s not sitting in the shelf for far too long. Experts recommend – actually impose – to buy batteries that are manufactured no longer than six months prior to the purchase. This is, fortunately, easy enough to determine. The manufacturing date can be found on the battery itself. It’s a combination of letter and number wherein the letter indicates the month of manufacturing whereas the number indicates the year. For example, if the letter indicates a D, it corresponds to the fourth month which is April. If the number that follows it is 6, then it indicates the year 2016. It must be noted, however, that this code can be found alongside other numbers. Thankfully, they’re not that hard to spot together.

  1. Battery capacity

Obviously, batteries are expected to last long, more so if it’s a car battery. A larger ampere hour (Ah) means that it will take some time before the battery will be needing replacement. It’s better to look at different options when buying and comparing this number because it provides a better perspective on what the average Ah is available as well as what brand has the most Ah.

  1. Warranty

Car batteries are usually manufactured with impeccable build quality in mind. However, it’s inevitable that there may be some bad apples that pass through production. For this reason, it’s absolutely important to look into the warranty periods of batteries. On average, car batteries may run out of usable charge cycles at around four years. If the battery doesn’t even last for two years, a generous warranty will come in handy. Also look into prorated periods which usually come after the unit replacement period of the warranty. If the battery conks out during prorated period, the store will reimburse the cost accordingly.

  1. Shop and brand reliability

Brands that are popular will most likely put their efforts into making the best product they can come up with. They understand that they are accountable for any mishaps, as it can harm their reputation. Although, sometimes going for popular brands may be impractical due to the premium that these brand demand for the cost of their products. Admittedly, they have good reason to do so.

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