Useful Details on Sexual Harassment

You probably saw the video leaked by Access Hollywood in which Donald Trump is making lewd comments about women. Bill Clinton has also faced numerous allegations of sexual misconduct over the years. Politics aside, it is becoming more and more obvious that sexual harassment at work is a major problem and more common than people would like to think. A survey conducted by the Cosmopolitan magazine shows that when asked about sexual harassment, all women with ages between 18 and 34 said that they had at least one experience of this type. What is extremely dangerous is the fact that a lot of people didn’t even realize that a conduct they had encountered in the past counts as sexual harassment so the official numbers might be sky high and more than worrying.

What is important for you to understand from all these details is that sexual harassment, especially at the workplace, is real and it is common; it is not just a myth and yes, unfortunately there still are a lot of people who believe that they can get away with it if they inappropriately touch you or kiss you, if they continuously ask you for a date even though you always said them ‘’no’’, with making sexual remarks, jokes and making all sorts of gestures that make you feel uncomfortable. Actually, if you learn how to recognize a gesture as sexual harassment, there are numerous ways in which you can react and since the law is so harsh when it comes to it, then you can even send that person to jail.

If you feel that you are not yet capable of recognizing all inappropriate gestures that count as sexual harassment, click here for more information. I know that it can sometimes be difficult to recognize sexual harassment but here is a short list of examples:

  • Inappropriate or highly suggestive touching, inappropriate kissing, caressing a person’s body or even a person’s clothing
  • ‘’Accidentally’’ brushing up against a person but the brushing is obviously on purpose
  • Making jokes about a person’s gender identity or jokes about a person’s sexual orientation
  • Telling lewd jokes and telling all sorts of inappropriate stories about past sexual experiences
  • Staring at a person up and down
  • Asking a person on a date over and over again even though that person already refused all previous invitations
  • Sending emails, written messages with sexual content
  • Following a person around
  • Offering a person excessive attention.

These are just a few examples of situations that count as sexual harassment at the workplace. If you have experienced any of the examples above or are experiencing it at this very moment, please address the issue with your manager or your team lead. In case you feel that the management is not actively doing something about the situation, then don’t waste time anymore and address the issue to the HR department. Companies such as Walker Law can also help you by providing legal advice on matters like this, so turn your attention to them as well.

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