Top Things That Most Men Have in Their Bags

While everyone can easily guess what is in women’s shoulder bags or handbags, it is a mystery for most women to guess what is in the men’s bag. Most men do not bring a bag with them when they leave the house because most of them find it a nuisance. In fact, most of them have this bad habit of junking up their things in the back seat of their car. So, what are the things they carry in their bags? So, to help uncover everything, this article has gathered all the information from different reviews and has found out that the following are the most common things most men have in their bags:


Item # 1 Wallet


Most men could not leave the house without their wallet. It is a part of their routine – a part of their life support, if you may say. However, in most cases, men do not put their wallet in their bag, unlike most women do. What is more interesting, they can put bills, cheques, coins, and even credit cards in their small bifold wallets. Unless they have the best wallet, like at this site, they can care less about what to put in their wallet. But, how are they feeling comfortable about putting almost everything in their wallet and place them in their jeans’ back pocket? Well, that is another mystery to solve.


Item #2 Gadgets


The phone is one of the staple items that they usually carry with them; in fact, it is a lifeline for both men and women in case of emergencies. However, unlike women, men have two to three gadgets in their bags: phone where all the names are stored, smartphones to keep them from feeling bored they are some parties or on a date, and a small gadget that will allow them to listen to their favorite songs.


Item # 3 Keys


It is a usual routine that they bring their keys with them, which is similar to all women.


Item # 4 Umbrella


Believe it or not, these men are ready in all kinds of weather. Most of them would never leave their house without bringing their folding umbrella with them just to be ready for all types of rain.


Item # 5 Snacks or chocolate bar


It is not uncommon for men to sneak a piece of a chocolate bar inside their bags. In fact, they are more ready than women. So, do not be surprised nor shy if they give you a chocolate bar because most of them would sneak two to three chocolate bars. What you need to worry is water because most of them can carry one small bottled water. There are other things that you can see inside men’s bag, for instance, a pen or a pencil, business cards, and more. Although they are not open about it, unlike women, men have more items than women do. So, do not be surprised if you ask for hand sanitizer, medicine for a headache, and even extra phone charger because they can lend one for you.

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