Simple exercises to strengthen weak eye muscles

The eye is composed of some muscles that support its movement; shield the eyesight and the lens. Weak eye muscles can be due to the kind of work your do, your working environment or other issues that affect your lifestyle. For example, continuous concentration on near objects affects the eye muscles hence causing fatigue.  Just like the rest of your body needs rest or exercise, so do your eyes. So, to help you deal with eye fatigue and have your eyes relaxed, here are some of the simplest exercises to strengthen your eye muscles.


You may have done this severally and may be because someone was teasing you. But did you know blinking your eye is an exercise that could strengthen your weak eye muscles? You can try flashing after every ten minutes. This aids in refreshing your eyes and makes them remain focused for longer. For example, if you are watching TV, consider blinking every two or three seconds. Increase the count steadily until you feel okay. Blinking exercise is suitable for itchy, tired, and dry eyes.

Focus shifting

This exercise is useful to your weak eye muscles. You can start by focusing on a near object for about four or five seconds. Then shift your focus to a distant object for the same amount of time. This shifting provides your eyes muscles with strength, and it also refreshes them. Focus shifting exercise might seem to be difficult at first, but as you continue with the practice, you get used to it. This exercise does not only strengthen the eye muscles, but it also boosts the concentration power.

Eyes rolling

Before doing this exercise, you will have to sit comfortably. First, rotate your eyes in a clockwise way while maintaining both eyes open and then turn them anti-clockwise. Bear in mind that you have to stretch the eyes as far as you can. Doing this exercise helps your eyes to feel relaxed. Repeat the exercise for three or four minutes to enable you to focus better.


We have all experienced this in our childhood days but only as a game. But this is an essential exercise to your eyes. It assists in soothing your eyes and taking away the strain. All you have to do is embrace your eyes with your palm and fingers on the forehead. Avoid exerting much pressure on the eyes when performing the exercise. Palming exercise is beneficial as it aids in calming your mind and eyes.

Splash water

When an eye is fatigued, its muscles become weak. It could be a good idea to refresh them so as to concentrate. You can do this by splashing plain water on your eyes. Repeat the splash again, and you will feel better.


All other exercises that you perform may take more time but not eye muscle exercises. They are simple and take a little time to complete. So, why would you want to have weak eye muscles when only five minutes are enough to improve them? Try these exercises and improve the health of your eyes.

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