Reusable vs. Disposable Diapers

It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed when becoming a parent. Ideally, parents should be in control of everything once their newborn is introduced to their home. But then again, even parents who are taking care of their second or third child are still going to feel slightly panicked at the sudden influx of responsibilities. Add that to the seemingly constant lack of sleep and it’s a recipe for stress.


Parents have so many things to worry about, even what type of diaper to use. It might sound trivial, but really, diapers are an integral part of parenthood and spending the time to decide between a reusable or disposable one can be quite troublesome. To make it easier to decide, parents should do some research which can lead to being able to tell which diaper is more appropriate for their needs.


Reusable Diapers


From the get-go, it would seem that reusable diapers are the obvious choice for anyone who is practical and loves the environment. Yes, reusable diapers cost more per piece than disposable, but that’s not even worth mentioning since the latter can’t be reused. It’s considerably more economical to reuse an expensive cloth diaper than keep spending on supposedly cheap disposable ones. But it’s not perfect, as there are still notable drawbacks when using it, and parents should know about it before buying plenty of reusable diapers. Without a doubt, however, reusable diapers are the more environmental-friendly option as it does not add to the accumulation of garbage all over the planet. Check out other notable advantages of reusable diapers that can be found on sites like


Disposable Diapers


It would be outright insensitive to immediately judge parents harshly because they chose to use disposable diapers for their babies. Ideally, disposable diapers are inferior, but since parenting is not done in a vacuum, and not in a perfect setting where parents have all the time in the world to care for their kids, disposable diapers are still viable. Busy parents will not be able to find the time to frequently change diapers, something that disposable diapers are better at because they are generally more absorbent. Also, disposable diapers don’t need to be washed, which further adds to the convenience. The fact that frequent and thorough washing is a must when using reusable diapers could mean that it’s not going to fit certain family’s lifestyle.


Why Not Both?


It doesn’t have to be an either-or situation. Parents are not bound to exclusively buy one or the other. In fact, a lot of parents who went reusable diaper all the way can attest that there are certain instances where they’d wish they could have used a disposable diaper. An example of this would be going on a day-long road trip where reusable diapers are extremely inconvenient. They have to be washed immediately and thoroughly, after all. So try not to worry too much about choosing what type of diaper to buy. There’s no shame in having disposable diapers on standby while using reusable ones most of the time. Besides, the point is not to pick a side, but to be adaptable depending on what baby needs.

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