Improving Platelet Count Through Healthy Living

The blood is an amazing component of the human body. It gets rid of waste byproducts while delivering fresh supplies of oxygen to organs. Its function doesn’t end there, unsurprisingly. It also carries the body’s built-in natural response to cuts. A band-aid of sorts that clots an open wound as fast as possible. These components in the blood are referred to as platelets. The name pretty much describes its shape, and it’s this very shape that makes it possible for the blood to clot cuts and scratches on the skin.


Unfortunately, some people have low platelets in their blood. So alarmingly low, in fact, that they may need medical intervention if they get cuts. Being extremely careful and wary of one’s surroundings in order to avoid injuries as much as possible can be inconvenient at times. To read about what the platelets in your blood do for the body will bring about the importance of clotting. And why those who have low platelets should start taking some steps to regulating theirs to a healthy level. Normal levels range from 150,000 to 450,000 per drop of blood. That’s already a generous range – so aiming for the minimum, at the very least, should take priority.


The road to improving platelets isn’t that easy. Mainly because most of the steps in regulating blood platelets require lifestyle choices that deviate from what’s considered normal. It’s even more difficult for people who are in too deep with their unhealthy habits. The effort to quit harmful a harmful lifestyle can be a monumental task. But really, one should not wait to see blood in their stool or urine to start living healthy.


One of the most important steps to regulating blood platelet is to make physical exercise a routine. In fact, exercise is no longer something that someone must do in order to be healthier than the average person. It’s a necessity. Technology has inundated society with modern conveniences that even cleaning the kitchen floor won’t require any walking. In order to keep the body healthy, and thus produce regular amounts of platelets, exercising should be integral to a person’s lifestyle. It’s worth remembering, however, that avoiding extreme and dangerous exercises is important. They’re great on their own, but in the context of a person who suffers from low platelet count, injuries will be a huge setback. Choose exercises carefully.


Another significant step towards improving blood platelet count is by eating healthy food. There’s no denying that modern food options are full of unhealthy yet convenient choices. It’s sad, yet hard to refute that convenience often trumps eating healthy. But if a person was to go for a healthy physique, and subsequently a normal platelet count, eating the right kinds of food is necessary. However, there are foods that normal people deem healthy yet are not advisable for those who have low platelets. Food that’s rich in Omega 3, for example, should be avoided entirely. The fact that Omega 3 rich food is recommended for people with extremely high platelets says a lot about how the polar opposite should keep their distance.

When Buying a Replacement Car Battery

Everyone knows that a car needs a good battery in order to run without much issue. But for a person who doesn’t have any clue about car batteries and how to pick the right one, it’s going to be a rather frustrating experience once their car needs to have the batteries replaced. Fortunately, there are websites that has battery reviews and guides to peruse. Some of the most reputable sites, ones that car owners actually visit time and again, have the latest update of this massive guide on batteries. This is important because car batteries have to be bought while taking manufacturing date into consideration. There are also other considerations when picking one. Here are some helpful things to take note of when getting a new car battery.

  1. Battery manufacturing freshness.

Yes, just like fruits and vegetables for the body, the car needs a battery that’s not sitting in the shelf for far too long. Experts recommend – actually impose – to buy batteries that are manufactured no longer than six months prior to the purchase. This is, fortunately, easy enough to determine. The manufacturing date can be found on the battery itself. It’s a combination of letter and number wherein the letter indicates the month of manufacturing whereas the number indicates the year. For example, if the letter indicates a D, it corresponds to the fourth month which is April. If the number that follows it is 6, then it indicates the year 2016. It must be noted, however, that this code can be found alongside other numbers. Thankfully, they’re not that hard to spot together.

  1. Battery capacity

Obviously, batteries are expected to last long, more so if it’s a car battery. A larger ampere hour (Ah) means that it will take some time before the battery will be needing replacement. It’s better to look at different options when buying and comparing this number because it provides a better perspective on what the average Ah is available as well as what brand has the most Ah.

  1. Warranty

Car batteries are usually manufactured with impeccable build quality in mind. However, it’s inevitable that there may be some bad apples that pass through production. For this reason, it’s absolutely important to look into the warranty periods of batteries. On average, car batteries may run out of usable charge cycles at around four years. If the battery doesn’t even last for two years, a generous warranty will come in handy. Also look into prorated periods which usually come after the unit replacement period of the warranty. If the battery conks out during prorated period, the store will reimburse the cost accordingly.

  1. Shop and brand reliability

Brands that are popular will most likely put their efforts into making the best product they can come up with. They understand that they are accountable for any mishaps, as it can harm their reputation. Although, sometimes going for popular brands may be impractical due to the premium that these brand demand for the cost of their products. Admittedly, they have good reason to do so.

The Benefits of Consuming Whey Protein

Science tells that protein is a compound that can do a lot of things to the human body. First and foremost, it is known for its ability to give humans enough energy level to perform their day-to-day tasks. It is also responsible for transporting nutrients and producing hormones and enzymes. The most popular function of a protein is its ability to repair muscle tissues and build strong, lean, and big muscles. That is the reason why many experts recommend the incorporation of protein supplements to the diet of bodybuilders and athletes.

According to some EAS protein powder reviews, a popular type of protein that is being incorporated in protein supplements is whey protein. It is a type of protein that is commonly isolated from cheese, and it is the liquid part coming from the cheese that had curd. Additionally, it is also a protein that can be taken from milk. However, it is low in lactose since the component of milk that contains such as casein. According to chemical reports, whey protein is considered as a “complete” protein since it contains nine types of essential amino acids–the building blocks of protein.

As can be denoted from above, whey protein can help individuals gain lean muscles. That is due to the fact that when the users workout, they tend to lose more fat and maintain muscle tissues through repair and recovery. Hence, users will not be losing muscle due to tissue tears, which is common during weight lifting activities. Additionally, whey protein is also known for helping increase the level of endurance of the individual. That is because the protein can be easily broken down to amino acids that concomitantly supply the body with enough energy.

It is also been proven that whey protein can promote weight loss. That is due to the fact that it can reduce the level of a hormone known as ghrelin. As an overview, it is a hormone that is responsible for appetite regulation. In addition, it is also believed that whey protein is capable of maintaining a good level of the user’s blood sugar. That is by controlling the amount and type of sugar that enters the body. However, it should be taken together with sugary food and not before or after for it to work.

According to some studies made, whey protein has also shown to be helpful in lowering the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol. Hence, whey protein can also help prevent the occurrence of heart diseases. In relation to such, a study has also mentioned that this type of protein is also capable of lowering the blood pressure, both systolic and diastolic, of individuals who have high blood pressures. What is amazing is that it has no effect on individuals who have normal blood pressures. However, such study is only based on the results of subjects and no chemical analysis has been made.


Whey protein is indeed a type of protein that has a lot of benefits not just for athletes and bodybuilder, but also for people who want to stay healthy and lose weight. However, people should still consider that supplements are not intended to cure anything.


Live Your Dreams with a Custom-Made Motorcycle

In the simplest of definitions, a custom motorcycle is one that’s had aesthetic, mechanical, or both enhancements were done to it to make it a cut above the rest. Obviously, a custom motorcycle is worlds different from those built on the assembly line. Unlike cookie-cutter factory models that are mass produced, a custom motorcycle, although initially coming from the same mold, has been revamped to suit the preferences and needs of its owner.


Many motorcycle enthusiasts who started with traditional motorcycles eventually stepped out of their comfort zones to embrace other “categories” – vintage, sports, off-road, and custom-built. Some even buy parts from different motorcycle brands and use these to customize theirs.


The customization will depend on the owner of the unit. Some believe that simply changing the engine and adding a few odds and ends make for a customized motorcycle. On the other hand, there are those who think working form the ground up is what lends the appeal to a custom motorcycle. At any rate, no matter what is decided on, making sure the custom motorcycle is fitted with a good battery is as important. If you check out the Internet, you’ll find excellent motorcycle battery options with comprehensive reviews to boot. Those will help you decide easily as far as the battery goes.


Indeed, having your own custom-made motorcycle is a dream come true. The idea of choosing a bike’s engine, general framework, paint job, and accessories is truly a treat. The thing is custom motorcycles are very expensive. This is because the bike is made from scratch with the sole purpose of satisfying the needs of one potential owner. The labor behind, which is highly specialized, and the materials used are of top quality. This is why custom motorcycles are one of the most expensive types of bikes.


Custom motorcycles are unique and produced for only a limited number of people. Manufacturers like Orange County, Roger Goldammer, and West Coast Choppers produce some of the best custom motorcycles. These bikes are now viewed as a status symbol because of the beauty, quality, and price tag these specialized units have. In addition, there are no other bikes like those. If you pay them for a custom-made bike, they make sure that the unit you get will be the only one of its kind, making it all the more special and, of course, expensive.


However, it is not impossible to own a custom-made bike if you’re working on a budget. There are some companies that offer factory customs. Factory customs are motorcycles that you can custom make from a pre-determined list of options such as engine types, paint jobs, and accessories. Although these are also custom motorcycles, there is no promise of uniqueness because there is a chance that another person has the same likes and style you have and end up custom making a bike just like yours. This is why these custom motorcycles are priced relatively lower, which will hopefully fit your budget this time.


If factory customs are still too expensive, there is still hope for having a custom-made bike, but this option requires more effort, resourcefulness, and patience on your part. You can custom make your own motorcycle. This can be done by first looking for a salvage unit that will start your project. Just make sure that you are guided well by a professional mechanic to ensure that safety standards are met.

Why Bathroom Exhaust Fans Are Important

Exhaust fans are products that are commonly seen in the kitchen. That is due to the fact that it is the area that is the busiest, especially at homes, apartments, condos, and other residential places. Likewise, most of the heat is trapped in the kitchen. However, experts also say that exhaust fans should also be installed in bathrooms. With that in mind, this article will be discussing some of the most important uses of bathroom exhaust fans.


Safety and Health


In general, exhaust fans are constructed and designed in a way that they can encourage the entry of fresh air from the outside to the inside, as well as bring out air from the bathroom to the outside environment. Through such, any impurities caused by the chemical cleaning agents, shampoo, soap, and other items in the bathroom can be extracted out of the bathroom. Hence, the people who will be using the bathroom will be safe from such compounds that may affect their health.


Control of Odor


Some people have toilet bowls in their bathrooms while others do not have. However, both types will benefit from the ability of bathroom exhaust fans to control odor. Obviously, those who have toilet bowls in the bathroom will have one that is free from the odor coming from feces and urine. On the other hand, bathrooms with or without toilet bowls will benefit from the elimination of odor from chemical-based cleaning and sanitizing products like bleach, Lysol, and the likes.


Humidity and Moisture Elimination


It is a known fact that the bathroom has a great source of water. Likewise, the rooms that always have water splatters, dews, water vapor, water droplets, and the likes. That is because it is the area wherein people take a shower, brush their teeth, and wash their face or hands. Most often than not, bathrooms are equipped with hot-and-cold showers. The bad thing is that the heated coming from the shower produces too much steam that will stick on the walls, ceilings, floors, and crevices in the bathroom. Through that, the bathroom will be rich with humid and moist areas. Scientifically speaking, such areas are prone to excessive mold growth. And with the high levels of mold present in the air, occupants will become at high risk of acquiring respiratory diseases. However, with the help of the air being sucked in by the exhaust fan, the moist and humid areas can be dried out immediately.


Final Words


Looking into the details given above, it can be said that installing an exhaust in a bathroom is essential to the people using it. That is because the air coming from the outside will be able to freshen and purify the air inside the bathroom. Likewise, it is also able to bring out the unhealthy and odorous air in the bathroom. Through such, the accumulation of bad air and water deposits that may pose risk to the health of the occupants are also eliminated or lessened. For more information about bathroom exhaust fans, this useful resource will be a good read.

Tips to Choosing a Massager for Your Body Condition

Back massagers are very helpful tools, especially to those who experience back pain very often. They are very useful in easing the discomfort and pain, similar to having a massage therapy or going to a spa. That is why it is vital to choose the best massager to be able to avail of its full benefits. Here are some questions you might want to get answers to before purchasing a back massager you can use at home.

  1. Why do you need it?

You would want to determine why, or even if, you need a back massager. Some back massagers have specific functions that ease certain kinds of back pain. Also, you might want to ask your doctor first if you can use such back massager for your condition.

  1. Is it easy to use?

After identifying why you need a massager and if your doctor said its fine for you to use one, you would want to consider purchasing a massager that is easy to use. Some massagers can be complex and are too difficult to operate. You might end up worsening your back pain if you choose to get one that you cannot grip comfortably or one that can only reach certain parts of your back.

  1. Is it portable?

There might be times when you want to use the massager in areas in your home that are far from electrical outlets. You might also need to take the massager with you when you go on long drives or some vacations. Be sure to choose ones that have rechargeable battery packs so you can use it even while driving.

  1. Is it light?

Back massagers can differ in sizes, functionalities, and weight. If you want to choose a back massager that you can carry around, consider the weight of it. Portable massagers can sometimes be heavier because of the additional weight that the batteries have. However, there are also lightweight portable massagers that would be perfect for your kind of lifestyle.

  1. Is the price reasonable?

Comparing prices of products that you buy is a smart thing to do, especially if you are running on a tight budget. Prices can be easily compared by searching online. Although buying a back massager is a good investment, make sure that you do not have to cut off your savings just to get one.

  1. Would it last long?

The durability of any product is a factor that should always be considered. A back massager can contain moving parts that are too sensitive and the littlest impact may damage it. Choose one that would endure harsh handling and is worth every penny you paid for it.

  1. Is it safe to use?

Because of the electricity that a back massager requires for it to function, there are chances of electric shocks or some other accidents. Cheap materials that are used can give your more harm than good. Be sure to check if the massager has passed the safety test before purchasing it.

  1. What do other people say about it?

Once you have chosen a certain back massager you plan on purchasing, read detailed back massager reviews to see what people who have tried the product say about it. This is important since the reviews and feedbacks are unbiased and honest.

Creating Your Own Garden at Home

Gardens do not just increase the value of every home, they do wonder to the entire household and their visitors as well. It is different to enter a home with greeneries that will catch your eyes. Blooming flowers have their ways of beautifying the space, especially if they come in captivating colors.

Below are some tips on how to create a beautiful garden that will surely be a head turner for your family and friends:

  1. Use flowering plants

Too much green can be boring. Splashes of colors will add contrast and create a focal point in the scenery. There is no need to look for a flower to accomplish this part of the task. Even herbs and vegetables can have wonderful flowers like spring onions, chives, dill, basils, thyme, rosemary and pineapple sage. With a wonderful garden, insects will gladly pollinate and get rid of garden pests for you. It goes to show that growing flowers in your garden will work to your advantage.

  1. Take control of the weeds

Compost plants can compete with your garden plants. This is especially true if you are growing the plant in a tiny container or pot. So get rid of the weeds before they destroy your plants. You can’t waste your money on plant nutrients and foods just to feed these freeloaders. You can add practical mulch to get rid of weeds.

  1. Grouping plants

An orderly garden is pleasant to the eyes. So, group plants according to their size, color or foliage. With wise use of color, you can create a theme in your garden. You can also plant along your garden bed’s edge or container, creating a border and making it look better. You can team up grey, silver or blue well with other colors.

  1. Use garden art

Some people love art and this reflects their personality. Regardless of how small your space is, adding art to it will always make the difference. You may simply jazz up with a tiny ornament. Sometimes, all you need is to look at the space and ideas will flow to your mind. If you can’t paint the wall for instance since you only rented the place, why not use bamboo blinds and hang them as backdrop for your plants? You can also staple some cloth to a timber frame in various colors then set your pots in front. With very little cost, portable decorating can go a long way.

  1. Ensure unity and diversity

You can do this by repeating a color found in varieties of plants. This adds beauty since it creates a color theme.

  1. Use Attractive Outdoor Garden Collections

You can be elegant and practical at the same time when it comes to garden accessories. One example for this is the use of solar garden lights. It is practical since you simply need to charge its batteries through the sun’s energy which is free. It is also elegant due to its nice design and effects in your garden’s aesthetics.

Remember that your home deserves all the beauty it can get. A garden can be a good addition to your home’s design and value. Hence, it is always worth having.

Reusable vs. Disposable Diapers

It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed when becoming a parent. Ideally, parents should be in control of everything once their newborn is introduced to their home. But then again, even parents who are taking care of their second or third child are still going to feel slightly panicked at the sudden influx of responsibilities. Add that to the seemingly constant lack of sleep and it’s a recipe for stress.


Parents have so many things to worry about, even what type of diaper to use. It might sound trivial, but really, diapers are an integral part of parenthood and spending the time to decide between a reusable or disposable one can be quite troublesome. To make it easier to decide, parents should do some research which can lead to being able to tell which diaper is more appropriate for their needs.


Reusable Diapers


From the get-go, it would seem that reusable diapers are the obvious choice for anyone who is practical and loves the environment. Yes, reusable diapers cost more per piece than disposable, but that’s not even worth mentioning since the latter can’t be reused. It’s considerably more economical to reuse an expensive cloth diaper than keep spending on supposedly cheap disposable ones. But it’s not perfect, as there are still notable drawbacks when using it, and parents should know about it before buying plenty of reusable diapers. Without a doubt, however, reusable diapers are the more environmental-friendly option as it does not add to the accumulation of garbage all over the planet. Check out other notable advantages of reusable diapers that can be found on sites like


Disposable Diapers


It would be outright insensitive to immediately judge parents harshly because they chose to use disposable diapers for their babies. Ideally, disposable diapers are inferior, but since parenting is not done in a vacuum, and not in a perfect setting where parents have all the time in the world to care for their kids, disposable diapers are still viable. Busy parents will not be able to find the time to frequently change diapers, something that disposable diapers are better at because they are generally more absorbent. Also, disposable diapers don’t need to be washed, which further adds to the convenience. The fact that frequent and thorough washing is a must when using reusable diapers could mean that it’s not going to fit certain family’s lifestyle.


Why Not Both?


It doesn’t have to be an either-or situation. Parents are not bound to exclusively buy one or the other. In fact, a lot of parents who went reusable diaper all the way can attest that there are certain instances where they’d wish they could have used a disposable diaper. An example of this would be going on a day-long road trip where reusable diapers are extremely inconvenient. They have to be washed immediately and thoroughly, after all. So try not to worry too much about choosing what type of diaper to buy. There’s no shame in having disposable diapers on standby while using reusable ones most of the time. Besides, the point is not to pick a side, but to be adaptable depending on what baby needs.

How Much Does Mold Remediation Usually Cost?

Mold is a member of the fungus family that thrives on surfaces where there is enough moisture to keep them alive. Molds can grow in almost every area of the house including bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchen, attics, and basements. These toxigenic fungi may also be found in mattresses, pillows, carpets, rugs, and even clothes. If not remediated immediately, molds can cause musty odor, discolored walls, rotten wood, and health problems, to name a few.


If mold growth is found only in a small area, the homeowners can do the remediation themselves. In fact, one can eliminate molds with just a few dollars’ worth of cleaning chemicals and products such as chlorine bleach, vinegar, detergent, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. If the mold problem is too big to handle, however, hiring a mold remediation expert may be necessary. In this case, one will have to consider the mold remediation cost because the price you’ll have to pay for employing the services of mold contractors is much higher than using do-it-yourself products.


In the United States, there are laws covering mold contamination since it has been proven that exposure to mold, in all its types and colors, poses certain health risks. So let’s say you work as a bathroom or toilet cleaner and you’re constantly exposed to pink mold, then you run the risk of getting sick. Sick days mean absences from work, which mean less pay. What’s more, your illness could worsen, so much so that you’re unable to work for a long time, if at all. It’s for reasons like that that there are laws against mold contamination so that people in similar situations would get properly compensated.


What is pinkish colored mold? This type of mold grows on damp surfaces. Hence, you’d see plenty of this in bathtubs, bathroom grout, showers, and toilets. Studies have shown that pink mold can cause problems in the respiratory tract such as allergic reactions, infections in the lungs, inflammation of the lungs, and bleeding in the lungs. Prolonged exposure to pink mold can cause health problems that could have severe, long-term damages; thus, it’s important to consider mold remediation to rid your house of mold.


How much does mold remediation cost? Well, there is a website called CostHelper that gives consumers an idea of how much various goods and services cost in the US. As per the website, removing mold from an average crawlspace in your home can cost anywhere between $500 and $4,000. On the other hand, removing molds from the attic, walls, and ducts cost between $2,000 and $6,000.


Of course, you can always try do-it-yourself mold remediation, and with such costing roughly around $20 to $120, you might probably opt for the DIY route. That might be the case especially if you keep in mind that the cost of mold remediation is different from that of mold testing/inspection because these are two different services. Hence, you’ll have to pay additional fees aside from the prices mentioned above.


Still, if you want successful mold remediation in your home, it would require the use of high-grade, industrial chemicals, which only experts can handle. Thus, seeking the help of professional contractors is the way to go. If you’re planning on hiring a contractor for mold removal, it is recommended that you first shop around and compare mold remediation cost. Doing so can not only save you your home, it can also save you huge amounts of dollars.

Avoiding Disproportionate Physique When Starting Out Bodybuilding

Aspiring for an impressive physique is just as commendable of a goal as aiming for a healthier body. Besides, one can achieve both anyway when going through the process of proper dieting and regular, structured exercises. Looking good isn’t a shallow goal because let’s face it, looks do matter in society. There are countless advantages for a person who looks above average. One compelling example would be going to job interviews where practically every single applicant tries to look their best; even if the job they’re shooting for doesn’t have anything to do with looks at all. Besides, as mentioned earlier, both looks and health are achieved from the effort to build a fit body anyway.

However, there are some caveats to watch out for when starting out. The fervor of a beginner lifter is impressive and praise-worthy, but it’s that same fervor that can lead to undesirable results. It must be with proper guidance of a personal trainer or an expert from the internet such as and other reputable training systems created by equally reputable experts in the industry. Here are some examples of common bodybuilding body misfortunes that should be avoided.

  1. Chicken legs.

A lot of bodybuilders, beginner and intermediate alike, tend to focus on their upper body when training. The in-joke that goes around bodybuilding communities where the squat rack is usually snubbed by regular gym-goers is not a thing of legend. It’s an observable trend in most gyms around the world. The result of this is that those bodybuilders who neglect leg training end up with disproportionate legs. Sure, they may get that v-taper that looks amazing when they have sweatpants on. But going to the beach and wearing beach shorts is another story.

  1. Curls, curls, curls.

Some intermediate bodybuilders are still guilty of having a workout routine that’s focused on bicep development. Bicep curling is the ubiquitous exercise movement whenever anything related to going to the gym is shown on television. It’s the most recognizable gesture when implying going to the gym, after all. But beginners get trapped in this notion and end up doing arm workouts exclusively for the entirety of their session. The result is, well, something just a bit better than mediocre, but is ultimately a total waste of money. It’s not worth spending money on monthly gym membership just to grow out one type of muscle.

  1. Blocky midsection.

Training abs is the central premise of so many fitness ads these days. This stems from the fact that it’s usually the midsection where fat stores are persistently holding onto. But all those core exercises are actually going to be detrimental in terms of getting an impressive physique, especially since they neglect other parts of the body as well. A disproportionately muscular core will look hideous if the back, upper body, and extremities aren’t just as developed. A strong core is undeniably a good foundation for strength. But what’s a good foundation good for if it’s only going to support twigs?