Multitrack Recording Opened Portals to Better Music

Sometimes, listeners underestimate the actual value of the music they listen to. They think that the creation of such song was plain and simple; a scenario where you can find the singer singing with the entire band. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as this. Once the musicians are done with their parts and have left the music studio, this is when the most intricate part of music creation starts. The engineer uses a mixer to adjust the levels of tonal qualities on each recorded track. The bass, midrange, and treble will be edited using EQ (Equalization Control). The engineer can also add echo during this phase, even the track’s spatial positioning if one desires to create a stereo effect. This can be a tough job. That is why the creation of multitracking recorder is such a relief to recording engineers. Before such invention was made, it was almost impossible for these engineers to polish the music. Hence, old recording engineers indeed displayed amazing talents for creating good songs in the past, despite the challenge.

Today, recording engineers have a lot of time creating effects and do some mixings after the artists have done their parts. In fact, the engineer’s role in music creation is considered to be significantly important in today’s music industry. Hence, there is a need to draw the line between the role of the singers and the recording engineers. For over time, multitrack recording contributed invaluable creativity and innovation to our music these days.

The effects of multitrack recording have a big impact on the music itself. For instance, if the singer is out of pitch, a pitch correcting computer resolves this issue. The same thing is true in today’s rap genre. This type of sound seems to be so full and is hard to perform it live due to the heavily edited loops and sounds.

Today, it is expected that all recorded music will sound good. And they often surpass any live performances. Hence, artists are challenged to do better when on stage to elevate the quality of live performances. Since many artists find it hard to perfect their part when singing live, they opt to do a lip-sync during their stage performances to please their fans. However, some would still prefer live performance, regardless of their imperfections. Each of us may have our own preferences when listening to music, some want it live while others want recorded songs with all their perfections. However, inventors of multitrack recorder deserve the credit and recognition for making it possible for us to listen to perfectly recorded songs nowadays. The layered, lush sounds with all its musical alchemy will surely make music a heaven to hear. And this can’t be possible without having a multitrack recorder in our midst.

If you are a musician, it pays to invest in this type of technology. After all, we have to accept the reality that today’s music does not only require the skills of the singer and the band. It also needs the technical help of today’s latest technology. Just read this before you buy one.


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