How to Return Defective Products from Home Depot

There are occasions wherein a customer buys a brand-new appliance online; however, there are unfortunate situations that the items you bought are with defects or damages once you have unboxed it after delivery. It is the right of the customer to return such items especially home appliances, but home depot’s return policies are with limitations. Hence, returning an item is not easy, especially if it does not cover the terms of the home depot.

Have experienced buying a defected home appliance? 

If not, what if you happen to stumble on this situation? What should you do?
Scroll down below to learn more about Home Depot’s appliance return policy and the right actions to take.

What Kind of Appliances are you allowed to Return? 

Home appliances bought in home depots such as washers, microwave, dryers, refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers and similar items that are defected can be returned. Likewise, major appliances such as generators, gas powered equipment, tractors and electronic appliances like television and computers can be returned if the receiver sees product defects on the item.

When to Return the Defective items? 

Each defective item has a specific time frame wherein you can return the product to the home depot. Washers, microwaves, refrigerators and the likes have a 48-hour return policy. This entail that these group of home appliances can be returned in a maximum of two days. If the damaged item is not returned within this time frame, the home depot may not accept the defected item. Therefore, the moment you received your appliance, immediately inspect if the product has damages. And, if it does, the product will be issued as “refused delivery”. However, only defected home appliances with proper receipts and documentation will be entertained.

On the other hand, major home appliances have a longer return policy. Tractors, generators, computers, televisions, etc. have a 30 days return policy. Hence, you can return damaged items of this kind within 30 days. Days beyond the time frame will not be accepted. As stated earlier, the home depot will only accept returned items with complete documentation.

But what if you have no receipt to show? 

If you bought the item using a debit card, credit card or an in-store credit card, you can still return the defected item. The home depot will issue a receipt to show that you have bought the item based on the review of your credit or debit card. If you happen to use an in-store credit card, the home depot will review your record back to a year. These are only the cases wherein the home depot is willing to accept returns with no receipts. But if you lost your receipt while paying the item through cash, there’s no chance that you can return the damaged item.

How to Return the Damaged Appliance? 

It is so easy to return a defected item as long as you can show the requirements and documents of your purchase. You can also ask the home depot via their hotline. It is also best to visit the home depot personally instead of making phone transactions.

Do you have more questions with regards to home depot return policy? If you do, never hesitate to visit this source right away!

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