Family Travel Tips for Busy Single Moms

Single moms live a tougher schedule and life with a job to keep and kids to take care of, which is why they deserve a break, too. A long holiday or vacation with the kids is always welcome whether it is spent in some nearby camp/resort or a dream destination overseas. On trips like these, it pays much if moms will have enough handy family travel tips to make these rare holidays fun.

Being a single parent, you need to prepare ahead of time. To stay on top of the situation, here are a few travel tips for you:

Plan ahead. A year can’t be too early especially if you are planning to go abroad, stay for an extended period, and if you have a baby/toddler, two or more kids. You need to research, find a perfect vacation destination, check out facilities, hotels, and plan out activities. This is a good opportunity to get to build memories with your kids and to form a strong bond with them so make sure the vacation will turn out that way.

Involve the bigger kids in the planning session. If you have teens that can help you keep things in order, it is good to involve them in the planning stage. Listening to their opinions and suggestions will not only get them thrilled and willing to help but also make them responsible allies in keeping the younger ones in line. You can also get to know what they will enjoy making the holiday a truly memorable one.

If you’re traveling long distance with a toddler, shop for the best car seat booster to keep the kid comfortable in his place.

Know what to bring. You need to pack light, but to do that you need to know first what you must bring. You need to gather information about your destination, the local attractions, the facilities, and the things you can do there. Decide on your activities. For gears, it is better to rent heavy or bulky ones. It is more important to bring stuff such as strollers and car seats for you and your kid’s comfort. Preparing a packing list that you update and tick as you go along is handy.

Be ready for the unexpected. With kids and just you keeping an eye on them, mishaps can happen. Having the older ones feeling responsible for the younger ones is a good strategy. Finding temporary help in the destination, if you can arrange one, is perfect. Getting travel insurance to keep your family protected is proactive. Make sure to include in your packing list the common medicines for current and travel ailments.

Get a carryall bag for your travel essentials. Make a separate list of stuff you would need while on the plane – change of clothes, toiletries, medications, light snacks, diapers, milk formula, and wipes – and keep these in a carryall bag. Bigger kids can each carry a backpack with their personal stuff (clothes, gadgets, or toys) to make your carryall lighter.

Single moms must be ready for every eventuality because no one else would. Thus, among the most important family travel tips that you must remember is to stay flexible. Children will be grumpy as flights are delayed or they get too tired. Relax, inhale deeply, and recall your plans and preparations.


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