Factors to Consider when Purchasing Ice Roller for Face

Are you currently thinking about buying an ice roller stone but couldn’t decide which one to buy? Fortunately, this post got you covered.

There are several types of ice rollers for the face. Some are made from stainless steel metal or jade stones, while others have water or gel inside the roller. So, which among these is the best for you?

To choose the ideal ice roller for your skin type, here are a few factors to consider before buying one:

#1: The material

As mentioned, ice rollers can be made from stainless steel or the traditional roller, which is made from jade stones. There are modern types of ice rollers that are filled with water or ice inside of the roller.

Which one is better?

Ice rollers with metallic rollers are durable compared to plastic rollers. However, the latter is more affordable and portable than the former. Also, ice rollers with metallic rollers tend to give you frostbite when misused.

Traditional ice rollers with jade stones for their roller are ideal for all skin types. However, most of these can be costly.

Nonetheless, choose one material that you are comfortable using.

#2: Features

Most of the ice rollers have a simple design; handle and roller head on top. However, modern ice rollers are equipped with gel or water inside the roller, while others are double-sided rollers.

Which do you think is more convenient to use?

#3: The cooling time

How long does it take for the roller to cool? Do you need an ice roller that cools down fast?

Rollers have different cooling times. Depending on the materials used, some rollers can cool down within 15 minutes, while others needed 2 hours to achieve the right coolness for the roller.

Ice rollers with metallic rollers are easy and fast to freeze, while stone rollers will take 15-30 minutes to cool down. So, which one do you think will suit your needs?

#4: Read good reviews

Another factor to consider when choosing an ice roller is its product review. Does the roller have good reviews? Never consider buying a product with bad reviews, or you’ll regret buying them.

#5: The price

How much money are you willing to spend on an ice roller? If you have the budget to purchase expensive ones, why not buy one? Quality ice rollers can be very expensive, so do not hesitate to buy one. However, there are inexpensive ice rollers that are worth purchasing. Thus, it’ll boil down to reading the product or customer review.

Additional facts about ice rollers that every beginner should know

  • Every session should only last 5 minutes. Exceeding the recommended time will cause a problem.
  • Ice rollers are designed to help boost blood circulation. Also, it encourages the blood into the skin surface, enabling the skincare products like serum and moisturizer to penetrate easily into the skin.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the right ice roller for your face, choose an ice roller that will provide comfort and ease of use.

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