Different Types of Vertical Jump

As the name implies, vertical jump or vertical leap is an activity wherein an individual raises off from the ground in a vertical manner. It is usually a required skill for athletes and aspiring athletes. Basically, what is being measured is the difference between the level that can be reached by the athlete while standing and the highest level that he or she can reach during a jump. According to professional coaches, having a good vertical jump will ensure that the athlete will perform efficiently. Some sports that require a good or excellent vertical jump measurement include basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball.


Vertical jump actually comes in different types of kids. Such are distinguished based on the manner by which the athlete or individual attempts the jump. The first type, which is the simplest, is called the squat or static jump. As the name suggests, the individual will be in an inactive semi-squatting position before doing an upward jump. However, the individual can also begin by pausing at the low level of the squat position. The second one is the counter-movement jump or technique. Such is the easiest way for people to achieve a good vertical jump measurement. The activity involves immediately bending the knees before the person jumps. Through such, the muscular stretch-shortening cycle will be activated. Such will then result in a leg power production enhancement.


The drop jumping technique, on the other hand, is highly recommended for individuals who are undergoing high-energy activity preparations. This type can also be approached in two different manners. The first one is by simply moving back and forth while jumping. The second approach is that the person only does a downward jump. This technique is somewhat versatile because athletes can also incorporate or mix any of the other types mentioned earlier. According to some experts, this type of vertical jump is superior when it comes to achieving better energy and height levels.


Another type of vertical jump technique involves running before the athlete jumps. Another type that is exclusive for basketball players is the Max touch approach. This can be done by using either one foot or two feet. The technique simply is simple since the athlete only needs to jump as high as he or she can. Nevertheless, no matter what type of vertical jump is done, athletes and coaches should always prioritize the safety of the athletes. That is due to the fact that the incidence of falling is very high. Additionally, as similar to any other physical activities, athletes should do warm-up exercises before doing a vertical jump, as well as cooling down after. Such will make sure that the athlete will not experience any muscle strains and pains.

On another note, people who have achieved low vertical jump levels at first should worry. That is because the good thing vertical jump is that it can be improved over time with proper training. Thus, every athlete and the aspiring athlete will have a chance to become better in their field of sports. Such exercises usually focus on strength, flexibility, endurance, and power improvement. You will be able to find how to increase your vertical jump advice at verticaljumppros.com.

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