Corded and Cordless Hair Clippers: Knowing the Difference

Shaving unwanted hair is a task that takes time and requires some skills. That is the reason why men visit the barber when they want their facial hairs removed. However, this is a very expensive practice, which also requires time and this can be a challenge if one has a busy schedule. Although they can cut their hairs at home using a razor, they will not be able to achieve a smooth shave. In order to resolve that problem, manufacturers started producing cord and cordless hair clippers. When looking into the difference between the two, the main one is how each of them is powered. Obviously, the corded one is powered by electricity and the cordless type is powered by a rechargeable battery. Although a cordless hair clipper still requires electricity for charging, the main thing is that it is used without electricity. Taking that into consideration, it can be said that corded hair clippers are more powerful than cordless ones. Nevertheless, they both deliver good hair trimming results. As similar to any products sold in the market, cordless and corded hair clippers have advantages and disadvantages.

Corded hair clippers, as mentioned earlier, is a powerful hair trimming tool because of its direct connection to electricity. Hence, people can continuously shave their hair without worrying that the product will run out of power. Likewise, they no longer need to spend time waiting for the product to be charged before using it. All they have to do is plug it into an electric socket and use it. In addition, many experts say that corded hair clippers have a longer lifespan since it does not require any battery replacements. However, corded hair clippers are only fixed in one place. Hence, the user will not be able to move around and use it in an area without any sockets. That also causes trouble when the person will travel. The tangling of the cord also poses danger and untangling the wire before using the device can take so much of your time.

Cordless hair clippers, on the other hand, have the great advantage of being portable and flexible. Meaning, they can be brought anywhere, which make them ideal for people who always travel. Likewise, they can also be brought inside the shower making the shaving more convenient since the hair is still wet. Shaving after a shower is also good since the steam coming from the shower makes the hair soft and easy to shave. However, there can be times when the device will stop working in the middle of shaving once the battery is drained. In addition, replacing the battery from time to time can be a hassle for some users.

As can be denoted from the above information, it can be said that corded and cordless hair clippers both do wonders when it comes to cutting unwanted hair. Choosing which of the two is better will solely depend on the user’s need, lifestyle, and preference. The only problem that will be encountered by purchasers, according to is choosing among the different brands that are available in the market today. Nonetheless, reviews, ratings, and testimonials will be a helpful guide.


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