Avoiding Disproportionate Physique When Starting Out Bodybuilding

Aspiring for an impressive physique is just as commendable of a goal as aiming for a healthier body. Besides, one can achieve both anyway when going through the process of proper dieting and regular, structured exercises. Looking good isn’t a shallow goal because let’s face it, looks do matter in society. There are countless advantages for a person who looks above average. One compelling example would be going to job interviews where practically every single applicant tries to look their best; even if the job they’re shooting for doesn’t have anything to do with looks at all. Besides, as mentioned earlier, both looks and health are achieved from the effort to build a fit body anyway.

However, there are some caveats to watch out for when starting out. The fervor of a beginner lifter is impressive and praise-worthy, but it’s that same fervor that can lead to undesirable results. It must be with proper guidance of a personal trainer or an expert from the internet such as http://adonisgoldenratiotraining.com and other reputable training systems created by equally reputable experts in the industry. Here are some examples of common bodybuilding body misfortunes that should be avoided.

  1. Chicken legs.

A lot of bodybuilders, beginner and intermediate alike, tend to focus on their upper body when training. The in-joke that goes around bodybuilding communities where the squat rack is usually snubbed by regular gym-goers is not a thing of legend. It’s an observable trend in most gyms around the world. The result of this is that those bodybuilders who neglect leg training end up with disproportionate legs. Sure, they may get that v-taper that looks amazing when they have sweatpants on. But going to the beach and wearing beach shorts is another story.

  1. Curls, curls, curls.

Some intermediate bodybuilders are still guilty of having a workout routine that’s focused on bicep development. Bicep curling is the ubiquitous exercise movement whenever anything related to going to the gym is shown on television. It’s the most recognizable gesture when implying going to the gym, after all. But beginners get trapped in this notion and end up doing arm workouts exclusively for the entirety of their session. The result is, well, something just a bit better than mediocre, but is ultimately a total waste of money. It’s not worth spending money on monthly gym membership just to grow out one type of muscle.

  1. Blocky midsection.

Training abs is the central premise of so many fitness ads these days. This stems from the fact that it’s usually the midsection where fat stores are persistently holding onto. But all those core exercises are actually going to be detrimental in terms of getting an impressive physique, especially since they neglect other parts of the body as well. A disproportionately muscular core will look hideous if the back, upper body, and extremities aren’t just as developed. A strong core is undeniably a good foundation for strength. But what’s a good foundation good for if it’s only going to support twigs?


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