Amazing Health Benefits of Compression Socks

Vein problems on the legs are common complaints of many people with different jobs and hobbies. Blood clots, varicose veins, DVT or deep vein thrombosis and many more are just some of the issues they encounter. These can be caused by varying reasons such as prolonged bed rest, genes, pregnancy, use of pills for birth control, sitting or standing for long periods and hormone replacement therapy among many others.

These leg problems would usually affect one’s way of living, especially work; which is why great minds have come up with some sort of help to ease the pain, swelling, and clots and even provide comfort to the legs – compression socks.

Compression socks have become more and more popular these days among various groups of people because of their many benefits. Here are some of them.

Benefit 1: Improve Blood Flow

Clots and swelling happen on the legs because of lack of blood flow. More often than not, people who are on their feet for long periods (like nurses) or those who don’t use their legs that much (like people who have just undergone surgery) have poor blood circulation in the leg and feet area. Compression socks help improve blood flow by putting pressure on the lower part of the legs. The applied pressure helps the blood to move from your legs up to other areas of the body. Since blood circulation is improved, there is lower risk of blood clots, leg swelling and other vein diseases. (You can know more about compression socks for nurses at

Benefit 2: Provide Comfort

People who sit down for too long like those who have to be at their desk for the whole shift, or those who are traveling long distances, experience pain on the legs due to lack of blood flow. Since the movement is restricted, there could be pooling of blood at the legs because it can’t be pumped back up. Pain, cramps and numbness would usually be symptoms of leg diseases caused by being idle for too long. Compression socks, with the right size, would help get rid of discomfort and sharp pains.

Benefit 3: Protect the Legs

People who like doing outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, running and more can also benefit from compression socks. The length of the socks can vary depending on the need and the condition of the person wearing them. Most athletes wear knee length socks or just below the knee to help protect their legs from scratches, dirt and other harmful elements that could injure them. When trailing, the compression socks can also help protect the legs from poison ivy, insect bites and more.

Benefit 4: Provide Warmth

People who go out during the cold days often complain about uncomfortable tights they have to wear under their pants. Compression socks can work like tights when it comes to providing warmth. The only difference is that they are more comfortable to wear than tights. They can also help blood circulation during the cold weathers while keeping you warm.

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