2019’s Top Choice Brands of Lightweight Convertible Car Seats for Kids

As a parent, your kid’s safety always comes first. Of course, no mom and dad would put their child’s safety on peril. As much as possible, you find ways to keep them from harm’s way.

If you could, you probably won’t take out your toddler or infant on a car ride. However, there are occasions wherein you have to ride with your kid on the road. According to a report from the New York Times, car accidents remain the number one child killer. Based on this report, 2,885 died from vehicle accidents nationwide between 2010 and 2014. The cause of fatality is neglect of wearing seatbelts, or the child is improper restraints.

The above facts are the reason why authorities are stricter on executing car seat law. Each state has a law on the right type of seat for specific ages. These state laws are based on federally approved regulations concerning child car seat.

If you have no car seat, invest one before going on a road trip in the future. The good news is several car seats are available in the market that is worth spending cash. Here some good lightweight car seats that you should invest.


When it comes to lightweight car seats for children, the Immi Go is one of the top choices. This brand is sought out by modern parents due to its convenience, harness system and stability.

This product is a combination of a forward-facing car seat and a booster seat. It assures that your kid is comfortable and at the same time 100 percent safe from the impact of accidents.

Since this item is a lightweight, you can carry it around with ease. If you tend to change vehicles most of the time, the Immi Go car seat is best-suited for you.

Aside from its durability and convenience, customers celebrate the ability of this car seat to absorb shock. Moreover, the harness system of this product assures that your kid is in place if you happen to swerve off the road or collide into another vehicle. Likewise, the extra foam padding on the headrest gives extra comfort to your kid.

Now, take note that not all kids can use the same car seat. The Immi Go may not be suitable for all kids. Also, it is only suitable for a specific type of car.


The Evenflo is a well-known manufacturer of car seats. This brand is popular for its innovative products built for safety, comfort, and convenience. And, their latest creation, the Evenflo Tribute 5 LX is not an exception.

The Evenflo Tribute is a compact and lightweight car seat that is ideal for modern parents and caregivers. It also fits with any vehicle making it the best choice for mom and dads who changes a car from time to time.

The structural integrity of this product passed the federal crash test standard. This car seat is very durable that won’t easily break during a collision. Moreover, it has the ability to absorb shock that may harm your kid.

Road trips should be exciting and fun for all family members. Find out more about these car seats by visiting the Kid Sitting Safe.

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