10 Inches vs 12 Inches Subwoofer: What is the Difference?

When you go at a store to buy a subwoofer, the first thing a salesman would probably ask is the size of the subwoofer you want to buy.

Like automobiles, the subwoofer has a wide range of type, size, power rating, OHMs, sensitivity, and material used. Each of these variants may not be suitable for certain vehicles. Moreover, not all subwoofers are capable of providing the best car audio needs. Hence, when it comes to selecting a subwoofer, you have to be wise in handpicking which one to buy.

As stated above, one of the most common question when searching for a subwoofer is the size of the audio equipment. There are at least four sizes available in the market today. These sizes include 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, and 15 inches subwoofer. Among these four sizes, the most popular choices are 10 inches and 12 inches subwoofer.

What is the Difference between a 10 inches and 12 inches Subwoofer?

There is a myth circling between 10 inches and 12-inch subwoofers. Beginners are often told that a smaller subwoofer is ‘tighter’ and produces ‘cleaner’ sound compared to larger versions. However, there is no hint of truth behind this speculation.

Yes, the size of a subwoofer has an impact on the device’s ability to produce low frequencies. A 12-inch sub can product a deeper bass compared to a 10 inch or 8-inch sub. But this type of sub has a bigger speaker cone which means the sound it produces is less accurate rather than a 10-inch sub.

What happens is that manufacturers tend to use larger cones on smaller motors. Its purpose is to increase the SPL (Sound Pressure Level) and sensitivity of the sub instead of the device’s BL. It is the reason why smaller subs have deeper, speedier and punchier bass, unlike 12-inch sub.

Buyers typically choose a 10 inches subwoofer since it produces deeper and less distorted bass compared to an 8-inch sub. Moreover, it does not take up much space, unlike larger subs. Hence, it is ideal for smaller cars. Likewise, it is easy to install and remove. If you are a music genre is around metal, country, pop or rock music, a 10-inch sub is the best option.

Some people are in favor of 12-inch subs. A 12 inches sub has a distinct bass response. It can produce loud and rich low frequencies without noise or distortions. It is perfect for larger cars like a limo.

The only problem with 12-inch subs is the struggle of installing this audio device. Since this type of sub is larger and bulkier, it is more difficult to install. Moreover, it requires a lot of space making it unideal for a smaller vehicle.

Where to Find 10 and 12-inch Subwoofers?

You can get quality subwoofers at leading stores like Amazon. But before making a decision, make sure to visit the Sound Certified for product reviews of 10 and 12 inch subwoofers under $100. These reviews will help you to learn more about these items. It saves you from spending money on poor quality subs.

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